the pitch deck review that will save you weeks of your time

"the best decision while finishing the pitch deck was reaching out to valentina. i could’ve saved a week in my journey by reaching out to her instead of seeking valuable feedback from my small network.

every word of her actionable insights was valuable to making my final version"

- rahul k., marketplace startup founder

​Let's face it, your pitch deck is most likely bad.

  • it might look good (you've used a nice and modern canva template), but it doesn't say much at all.,
  • or it's very hard to read because it looks more like a novel than a powerpoint slide, but the content is actually good,
  • or the worst of all: looks terrible, and doesn't say anything that would help you raise funds.

​yep, that's not going to get you funded.

as a venture scout and a fundraising advisor i've reviewed hundreds of early stage decks, and made decks that got funded (including my own). 

most of the deck i've reviewed were made by first time founders and they were in fact - bad. 

understandably so - you're raising funds for the first time. the fundraising process isn't friendly to first-time entrepreneurs.
“fundraising can be an incredibly frustrating experience for startup founders because they are at a fundamental disadvantage: they know very little about the process, and investors know a lot”

- pedro torres-picon (founder at quotidian ventures) 
luckily, i've picked a lot of investors' brains to learn exactly what they're looking for in early stage pitch decks and what makes them archive your deck right away.

how does it work?

super easy: you pay $299 using the stripe link, add your deck link to the stripe payment page, and valentina will send you a pitch deck review in 3 working days
  • you'll get loom video with a pitch deck walkthrough and commentary
  • extensive google doc with copywriting suggestion and slide notes (sometimes it's just easier to write a new copy for you than tell you how to do it)
  • slide by slide improvements and missing content suggestions
  • your "hook" suggestions - something that makes you stand out and you need to focus on that more, because it has the potential to hook the investor to book a meeting
  • brutally honest feedback and next steps suggestions
  • we'll include you in the basicpitch potfolio (for potential warm introductions to investors)

testimonials: i made people cry... and smile. but mostly saved them time. 

world's best human
she basically made our deck herself
ziga z.
ceo & co-founder, biotech startup
world's best human
i didn't expect that. if i had done that sooner i wouldn't waste so much time updating it
chiara s.
ceo & co-founder, nutraceutical startup
world's best human
she will tear you apart but you'll love it.       
maciej k.
ceo & founder, saas startup

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