basic pitch

helping awesome founders raise vc
basic pitch is a movement. founders helping founder succeed with experience and connections we've made. 

our mission

get rid of the complicated pitches and business plans and help more founders build their dream companies

who we work with

pre-seed to late seed stage startups. we're industry agnostic, however we love tech, sustainability, saas and marketplaces. our ideal founder is raising their first round, but this is not their first business. we're all based all across europe, but work with founders in the us all the time.

how we work

every startup and every founding team is different. we take things case-by-case. first, let's meet and talk about your stage and needs and craft a plan. things you need to know about us:

  • we can handle one-time work (delivery your deck or pitch), and long term support (every step of the way)

  • for ongoing collab, we take a monthly fee and % of the round

  • we do not take your equity for the fundraising services (protect it, you don't want any dead equity on your cap table!)

  • we're leveraging our connections to build a warm intro circle, which helps you get a meeting with your dream vc faster
  • "co-founder as a service" is an optional add-on. we connect you to the people that fit your needs and their compensation is agreed on case-by-base basis. the benefit for you is that you don't need to find expensive long-term hires for a short-term itch (and we pre-vet them for you). they will not become your actual co-founders, but their skill levels match one. if we can't find a perfect match, we'll let you know

start together

the perfect time to start is at least 3 months before you start reaching out to investors, but we can jump in anytime
let's talk about it

will i like working with you?

well, don't take it from me. 
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our crew

we make sure you get the funds and not burn the company down while you're spending time chatting with the vcs
valentina metez
ceo | pitching & decks, fundraising narrative
an ex vc-backed startup founder, turned storyteller.

helping startups with pr, growth strategy, leadgen, management and operations.
makary mulczynski
investor relations, negotiations
ex vc. helping startups close rounds more efficiently and avoid the scary things in the terms sheets.

happy to take a look at your financials too.
karlo reisner
product | ux/ui | webdev
cofounded a vc backed startup. serial product builder. 

karlo can help you with your product management, mvp specs, processes, app design. 
martin brandvoll hansen
bizdev | seo
serial entrepreneur in web3, fintech, brick&mortar.

martin can help you with seo, framer, webflow, bizdev, social media ads management and more.
testimonials :)

letter from a founder

carlos arthur
ceo @ metastudio | gamedev, metaverse
Working with Valentina has been an exceptional experience that exceeded all my expectations. From the outset, it was evident that she possesses a profound understanding of fund-raising intricacies and strategies, which was instrumental in navigating the complexities of securing investments for our business. What set Valentina apart was not just her knowledge, but her ability to translate that knowledge into actionable insights that significantly enhanced the way we present our business to potential investors.

Valentina's approach is meticulous and tailored, ensuring that every piece of advice and strategy was directly applicable to our unique situation. Her involvement became a pivotal turning point for us, providing clarity and direction in an area that previously felt daunting like creating our pitch deck. Her ability to dissect complex concepts and reframe them into easier explanation points when it comes to the industry jargon is a rare and invaluable skill that has undoubtedly set our business on a path to greater success.

Moreover, Valentina's professionalism, coupled with her genuine commitment to our project's success, made the entire process a breath of fresh air. It was reassuring to have such a knowledgeable and supportive partner during a critical phase of our business development.

I cannot recommend Valentina highly enough. For anyone looking to elevate their fund-raising efforts and gain a deeper understanding of how to position their business effectively, Valentina's expertise is unmatched. A perfect 10/10 – she is truly a game-changer in the fund-raising arena.

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you can also reach me at valentina[at]basicpitch.vc